What's New at Mishawaka Art & Frame Gallery

We are now carrying vintage items and antiques. I also take in the discarded and re-purpose them into functional pieces of art or accessories. Click the photos for a larger view of our unique selection of gifts. For another dose of what's new at the Gallery, visit our Etsy sites at goodgosh.etsy.com, myseriousside.etsy.com. and papersofold.etsy.com.

life of party figurine Scrub Your Butt handwash   Scrub Your Butt body wash   porcelain figurine  
Will Bullas figurine. "Life of the Party" my only one left! $90.00 Handwash for those that like to dig for gold and for those who don't! Orange & Vanilla $15.00. Private part body wash. Get that nasty business over with in a pleasing scent of Orange & Vanilla. $13.000 Handmade pottery soap dishes. Other uses too. $20.00
assorted jewelry ornaments   wine clock   porcelain figurine  
We carry a variety of jewelry handmade by local artists also! P Buckley Moss porcelain ornaments - limited edition $35.00 to $45.00. Cabernet Wine Clock. Can sit on shelf or hang on wall. $50.00 P Buckley Moss 1st edition figurines. Country Girl - call for price.
melted bottle serving plates Mishwaka Art and Frame Gallery line of cards   whimsical cat treat jar   whimsical dog treat jar  
Melted bottles for serving cheese, butter, etc. Comes with spreader or not. $20.00 - $23.00 each. I'm starting my "own" line of cards - says it all. More to come... $3.50 each. Whimsical cat jar for cat treats. $38.00 each. Good Dog jar for good dogs. $35.00 each.
cool cards Assorted corks! All handmade.   COFFEE PLEASE! clock   onesies  
Cards from Bellamuse. Variety of original cards you won't see at Hallmark. $4.20 and up. Bottle Stoppers! Nice gift to go along with that bottle of wine! Handmade with vintage pop tops or whimsical curls and, once again, rocks (we like rocks). $14.95 each. COFFEE PLEASE! clock $50.00 We even have onesies for cool little babies. $24.00
tree faces magnets   rattlesnake chain   collage  
Tree face. We even let you pick your nose! Assorted sizes, handmade! Small, medium and
large faces $13.95 on up.
Magnets. Customer favorites! From downright funny to downright nice. $5.00 each or 2/$9.00. Rattlesnake chain. Fun to play with on your desk... $12.00 “A heartbeat at my feet” Handmade collage for the doglover in us all. $22.00

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